Your Ad Account Has Been Disabled!

You NEVER want to see “Your Ad Account Has Been Disabled” from Facebook… and in RED! (I’ve seen it, and it sucks!)

Facbook is not fond of Clickbank, JVZoo or Warrior Forum

Have you ever had your Facebook ad account shut down and get that message? If you have run Facebook ads, then the answer is most likely yes, especially if you’re running ads on Facebook to JVZoo, Warrior Forum or Clickbank.

So what do you do when Facebook bans your ad account? Well, there are a few things you can do to prevent this from even happening in the first place… so watch this short tutorial and avoid it from the start.

I’ll create a video in the future that covers how to recover a Facebook ad account disabled for policy violation in 2019 & reactivate your disabled Facebook ads account as well.

That is the worst feeling in the world because it literally stops your business right in its tracks. Here are some tips to keep your page long into the future.

Setup Your Facebook Page Correctly

To start with, setup your Facebook page correctly…

Naming a Facebook Page; Keep the name general yet broad. If your page is about running, consider something like “Running ABC” or “Simple Running Tips”.

Keep everything relevant; You need your FB page, your FB ads, the images and landing page all to be related. So if your page is about running, keep everything else about running.

It’s also important to only have1 ad account running ads for each page at a time as well. So 1 ad account = 1 Facebook page.

Images on a Facebook Page being used for Clickbank offers should be somewhat broad. Have a header image on your page that (obviously) shows running, but studies show that images of people do well.

“Season” It Before Running Ads

Before you run ads on Facebook for a Clickbank offer you want to “season” your Facebook page. Post 10-20 times on the page first. You can use memes, images, videos, put up a poll or use other strategies to get traffic.

Get as many “likes”, shares and comments as you can so Facebook can see the page is genuine. You can ask family and friends to help… just don’t create the page and an hour later start driving traffic to Clickbank.

If I can help you with your marketing please feel free to reach out. It took me many years to make “real” money in this industry, so I am now striving to help shorten the learning curve for others.

Run A “Like Campaign” First

Before striking out with your Clickbank ads, run a “like” campaign to get some engagement and exposure. If Facebook sees that you have other traffic before paid, you are more likely not to have immediate issues.

This is all part of an effort to let the Facebook algorithm see more “common” and normal behavior on your page before you start using it for Clickbank, JVZoo or Warrior Forum ads

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