[video] Why I got into iBuumerang. It’s not what you’d think!

After turning down literally dozens of requests from friends and business partners who offered to take me by the hand, I’ve joined an MLM – Network marketing company – called iBuumerang. (more info here)

I have never been negative about multi level marketing, I do NOT consider them “pyramid schemes”. It’s a great way for someone to make $ and learn marketing skills, but I have just always felt it was too tough for the average person to find success in network marketing without a lot of business or direct sales experience. Until now…

iBuumerabg training and mlm leads

Here’s why I joined iBuum – I’ve stumbled on a company that I feel “checks all the boxes” and is the perfect MLM for the average person. The product is software and the company is iBuumerang.

Why iBuumerang?

There’s no requirement to sell to or recruit friends and family, in fact, you can make decent $ without ever recruiting anyone if you want to. (but you should strongly consider it, lol) iBuumerang says “buh-bye” to products that are overpriced, found cheaper on Amazon, are knock-offs of other programs, or are low quality.

The Best Hotel Prices…

iBuumeranglets you book the same hotel rooms, cruises and rental multi-level the well-known travel sites sell, at the same hotels, and on the same days… but for A LOWER PRICE. Like I said, we GIVE AWAY our product, which is travel software, in a way never done before in an MLM.

iBuumerang gives away free access to a travel app that is used the same way that the Uber app is used to get a ride. We give away the access, and when someone uses it to book a room, cruise or car… you make money!)

So why join with me?

While I don’t have extensive experience in the MLM world, I have done nothing but sales and marketing since 1983 when I opened a direct selling company at the age of 22.

I hired 40 salespeople a week for a decade and opened 22 direct sales offices in the south-central U.S., so I know the power of leverage. I know how to train people to sell, as well as how to recruit.

I feel like a kid in a candy store… and I AM HUNGRY!

There are plenty of leaders who you can join under, but the fact I am new to network marketing will be a great advantage to the people I decide to work with.

Why? Buum!

I am not a leader with an established downline moving over from another company who is just “plugging in” to iBuumerang. I haven’t hopped from company to company grabbing fast profits at each.

I am seeking fresh faces who are as hungry as I am to make a noise in the company and who seek a long and successful run. Give me a shout if you want to apply to be on the team and we’ll see if you may be a fit!

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    1. Hi Louise… it’s working well. I’m seeing weekly money now, my team is starting to see $ and growth, and things are good. I’m focusing more on this than anything right now tbh. Even if you’re not on our team I am happy to chat and give you some ideas. Shoot me a message somewhere. You may also want to join our Facebook group – https://facebook.com/groups/marketingservant

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