Use Video to Recruit for Your MLM

Oh NO! As you have probably heard, most people’s biggest fear is to speak in front of people… soooo…. you know that unless you plan to do home parties until you’re a senior citizen, you need to put your mug in front of others to be a successful MLM recruiter, but what to do? WHAT TO DO!

how to use video to recruit

Use Video!

Ok, I know it’s “easier said than done”, but first let’s talk about why it’s so important to your network marketing business to use video.

For starters, it gets your message on YouTube. YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine, and since it’s owned by Google, you have the chance for your video to end up on page one of Google as well. Google and YouTube get a gazillion searches a day, so it’s smart to have a presence on both.

In addition, you can easily put your video on many other search engine and social media sights. Your video… and your smiling face (oh, and your message or program info) can easily be put on your Facebook profile, Facebook groups and pages, Twitter, Instagram (ok, a shorter, slenderer version of it) LinkedIn and many others.

It Can Be Edited and Re-Recorded

Sure, once you get better at it you can fire up the old camera and shoot a great recruiting video between brushing your teeth and a hot shave, but until you get some practice, it’s not going to go as well and you’ll screw up.

And… since you can re-record, edit, make changes, and basically get as many “do overs” as you need, you’ll still end up looking like a pro, every time. To be honest, people “liking you” is more important than the video ending up all professional and all, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Be yourself, and let the chips fall as they may.

Video Is “One and Done”…

One of the biggest benefits to using video to recruit your MLM team, is once you’re finished and it’s posted somewhere, it’s there forever. When you’re short on time and can’t explain everything, or the person is in another part of the country or the world and you can’t talk face-to-face, your video is a quick and effective way to get the word out, let people know more about you or your company, or even do some recruiting for you.

And finally… it can be done anywhere and inexpensively. All you need is your pearly-whites and a cell phone (ok, it has to have a camera, we’re out of the 80’s Archie) and you’re in business.

Stay tuned, and we’ll have another post soon about “ways to use video” instead of just “why”… in the meantime…



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