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Are YOU Coming to Costa Rico or Morocco? (qualify by Dec 31st)

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Join Us in Las Vegas for Our Grand Opening! This is a Once Only Event! 08/31/19


Jet Setter June PROMO!!!

✈The #JetSetterJune Promotion has been cleared for TAKE OFF!!!✈

? Get 10 customers and 2 TSAs in June and you will get 10 buumerangs to replace the ones that were activated.

? Get 4 personally sponsored to do the same thing you will get 40 buumerangs.

? Get 10 customers and 10 TSAs and you will get 100 buumerangs.

Resources From iBuumerang Corporate

Use this to get answers about procedures, how things work, news, announcements, etc..

Resources From Our Upline (includes 2 “diamonds”)

Our upline is a great resource for training and support. The “Chrome Extension” puts many resources at your fingertips. Use – [email protected] to activate. The Lifestyle Leaders website has additional help and training.

Facebook Pages & Groups

Use these for news, discussion & networking. The “Dream Team” is a large group we’re a part of, and “Lifestyle Leaders” is a smaller sub-section of that larger group. We’re fortunate to have so many tools at our disposal!

Get Off to the a Quick Start, Watch These As Needed

Back Office Training
Learn how to use the back office to see your sales, downline and more. This is your flight deck!
Compensation Plan
Edwin Haynes goes over the compensation plan. If you need help reach out and ask.
iDecide Training
Edwin Haynes shows how to use the iDecide system to share the iBuumerang opportunity.
Giving Buumerangs Away
Learn how to give away Buumerangs to increase your paycheck and help people save!
Using iGo to Book Flights
T Gray goes through the iGo platform to show us how to book flights & more. Let’s travel!
Using Payap to Get PAID!
Here’s how to setup Payap to get paid… lots! Set this up ASAP and get started!

Join Family Members in Dubai, Costa Rico or Morocco!

We Are Paid in Multiple Ways – Learn the Details

Be patient and ask a lot of questions if you don’t understand or are not certain how something works. This can be confusing at first, and there are plenty of people willing to help!

  • Fast Start- Direct Bonus on Personal TSA Signup Fee
  • The Unilevel – Bonus on Team Monthly Fees & Travel
  • Dual Team Binary – Bonus on Team Signup Fees

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The Dual Team – Binary (start at 45 minutes)

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The Dual Team – Binary (start at 45 minutes)

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