Running Ads or Marketing on Your Profile on Facebook?

Some tips if you’re running Facebook ads, a page, group, or just posting on your profile for marketing reasons…

Facebook marketing

Pay attention to & respond to the comments… one or two bad eggs can spoil your campaign. It’s important to get out ahead of the most common negative responses some ppl may post.

For example, some may post things like “this is a scam”, or “this doesn’t work”. The best way to do it is by adding your own comments that overcome the objections without directly addressing them.

For example, to address the scammer comment post pictures of your team, the office and testimonials and such. Don’t say “no, we don’t scam, here’s our office”, just post “here’s where we work” and such.

Put up comments answering FAQs. Give away a resource (ebook, etc) that helps overcome potential negative posts.

FB likes to see interactions as well, and it will drive your ad cost down. If you have happy customers or raving fans, they will answer/comment and interact with your ads. Social proof is so important and you’ll get better interaction and engagement scores if FB sees positive interactions from OTHER people, not just you.

Facebook has what’s called “Quality ranking” and “Engagement Rate ranking” which control your ad costs.

Also, engage via FB messenger. If you are engaging with people from your ads via messenger, I believe that FB gives that a higher quality score and those people will see you more on their newsfeed because of the interaction.

If you’re running Facebook ads, or even just posting often on your pages and profiles you have a better chance of more friends seeing your ads/posts if you’re communication in Messenger, clicking and commenting on THEIR posts, etc..

Interact With Friends Facebook Posts

In the past, Facebook would show all of your friends your posts… but not anymore. They show them to a small percentage because they want you to run paid ads instead… so “like” friends posts, comment on them and interact, and YOUR posts will reach more people.

Want a great tip and way to do this? Be notified of friends birthdays, and say “Happy Birthday” to the ones that come up daily… and you’ll have a lot more exposure.

When you are running Facebook ads or posting regularly on pages, groups and your profile to get out your message, if you want to be profitable… it all matters.

Cracking the code to traffic from Facebook is working on it every day and being proactive. Don’t just post or run an ad and assume it’s going to work.
It needs YOUR help!

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