Internet Marketing Abbreviations

I found this online a while ago and thought this would be helpful to some of you, so here you go!

web marketing abbreviations
IM Abbreviations

I found a list of marketing abbreviations at some point and it’s been helpful to me so I thought I’d post them here. Feel free to save this…

AS – Article Submission

API – Application Program Interface

B2B – Business to Business

B2C – Business to Consumer

CPC – Cost per Click

CTR – Click Through Rate

CTA – Call to Action

CPM – Cost per Thousands

CPA – Cost per Action

CPA – Cost per Acquisition

CPL – Cost per Lead

CPO – Cost per Oder

CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization

CMS – Content Management System

COA – Cost of Acquisition

CPV – Cost per View

DLR – Deep Link Ratio

DKI – Dynamic Keyword Insertion

DLP – Directory Listings Page

DNS – Domain Name Server

DMM – Digital Media Marketing

EMD – Exact Match Domain

ECPC – Enhanced Cost per Click

FCP – Frequently Cached Page

G+ – Google Plus

GA – Google Analytics

GAW – Google AdWords

GIS – Google Image Search

GAP – Google Advertising Professional

GSC – Google Search Console

IM – Internet Marketing

IBL – Inbound Links

JGI – Just Google It

KDA – Keyword Density Analyzer

KEI – Keyword Effectiveness Index

KWR – Keyword Research

LB – Link Building

LPO – Landing Page Optimization

MTO – Meta Tags Optimization

NAP – Name, Address, Phone Number

NSEO – Negative SEO

OBL – Outbound Links

P4P – Paid for Placement

PR – Page Rank

PPC – Pay per Click

PFI – Pay for Inclusion

PFL – Paid for Listings

PFP – Pay for Performance

PPR – Pay per Rank

PPV – Pay per Visitor

PPP – Pay per Post

ROI – Return on Investment

RTB – Real Time Bidding

SE – Search Engine

SB – Social Bookmarking

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEOs – Search Engine Optimizers

SEM – Search Engine Marketing

SEP – Search Engine Positioning

SER – Search Engine Ranking

SMO – Social Media Optimization

SMM – Social Media Marketing

SES – Search Engine Strategy

SERM – Search Engine Results Management

SERP – Search Engine Results Page

SRM – Search Reputation Management

SEW – Search Engine Watch

SMX – Search Marketing Expo

SNS – Social Networking Service

TLP – Top Level Page

TLA – Text Link Ads

TBPR – Toolbar Page Rank

UGC – User Generated Content

UX – User Experience

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