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What is an “SLO” or self-liquidating offer?

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What is a Self Liquidating Offer? A self-liquidating offer is a low-cost product that you sell to cold traffic before selling your “real” program.

It is the first thing you offer people who respond to your advertising. The goal of a self-liquidating offer is to help you recover your ad costs immediately. When you do that, you can re-invest more money into more advertising.

Here’s what it looks like for an affiliate marketer.

-You find a product you want to promote and need to drive traffic.

-You buy an ad to drive traffic and make affiliate sales.

-Instead of sending this traffic directly to the affiliate sales page, you send them to your own squeeze page where they can get a high-quality gift for subscribing.

-They subscribe and you send them to your low-cost offer instead of immediately sending them to the affiliate sales page.

-They buy your low-cost offer.

The thank you page you show them after they buy is the affiliate sales page. The results of using this process are you build your list, recover your ad costs immediately and create a new customer for yourself.

You still promote the affiliate product after…

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